Sammy Finds A Snake!

Sammy Goes Frogging

Sammy Builds a Log House

Sammy Runs Away

The Snow Day With Sammy and Family

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Sammy Series

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The Vines That Bind Us WORKSHOP

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Health & Wellness

Microsoft Certified Training Manuals

- Word LI, II, III, Excel LI, II, PowerPoint LI, II, Outlook, Access LI

- Corel Wordperfect LI, II, III, Draw LI

- Adobe Dreamweaver LI

- Office Essentials

and many more...

- Biomechanics of Running

- Fitness / Health / Nutrition Writer

- Policies and Procedures Manuals

- Business Proposals and Plans

- Professional Resume Development etc.

- Marketing copy text and graphic design using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

Coming Soon: The Vines That Bind Us (full version book)

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